We offer a variety of workshops as we have detailed below. In addition, we are happy to customize any of our workshops to fit the needs of your program.

The Business of the Business
This is our most popular workshop. This FREE workshop offers students a unique insight into the business of being a working professional. Topics range from The Audition to Finding an Agent to Apartment Hunting and Survival Jobs.

The Broadway Audition
This workshop gives students the opportunity to experience a professional New York musical theatre audition. Run like an Equity Principal Audition, students will sing individual audition material and will be asked to cold read.

The Dance Call
Students will experience the fast paced, unpredictable and sometimes chaotic world of a Broadway Dance Call. We focus on the students' ability to quickly pick up new combinations and bring them up to performance level. We teach various dance styles including original Broadway choreography.

Audition Repertoire and Technique
We help the students to break down and analyze their individual audition material. We focus on repertoire selection and work through various audition techniques.

Parent/Student Workshop
Geared toward the younger aspiring artist, we offer advice, insight and resources. We talk to parents and students about the facts and realities of pursuing the business at a professional level, focusing on the necessary steps to plan for a future in the industry.

*All workshops generally take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Times may be adjusted according to the particular workshop and the number of students attending.
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